Live at SynthFest album

New album Vkgoeswild – Live at SynthFest out now.

Funkadelic / A Perfect Circle / Deftones / Tool / David Bowie / Pink-Floyd / System Of A Down / Soundgarden / Massive Attack / Deep Forest

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Vkgoeswild – Live at SynthFest 

Vika Yermolyeva – Piano
Eric Mouquet – Electric piano
Christophe Duquesne – Haken Continuum
François Astier – Electronic stuff
Michel Geiss – Mastering
Produced by François Astier / Nanisound

In memory of Anselm Huber.

“The entire album is awesome. Massive Attack and Deep Forest are out of this world! Vika’s commentary adds a great touch of humor and humility. There are only a handful of albums I can listen to more than once all the way through and this is one of them. Vika is brilliant and versatile.” – LadyWalker