Vkgoeswild - Vika Yermolyeva - Anthology Volume 1


Anthology Volume 1

All arrangements by Vika Yermolyeva.

The Cure, Guns N’Roses, Soundgarden, Lana Del Rey, Motörhead, A-ha, The Rolling Stones, Björk, Scorpions, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, Foo Fighters, Evanescence, Type O Negative, Nirvana, Eric Clapton, Muse, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Meat Load, Kate Bush, Claude Debussy, Billie Eilish.

Vika Yermolyeva – piano

Produced by Nanisound – March 2023


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Vkgoeswild - Vika Yermolyeva - The metal pianist - Happiness is not the point

Happiness is not the point

Vkgoeswild debut album, in memory of Anselm Huber.

Night for Darkness, Phoenix, German Guy, Questions, My Heart, Tragical Incident with a Rabbit, Westerwald, Trial, Silly Head, Mom’s Favorite, Creepy Little, This is not a Goodbye, Hope is Poison.

Vika Yermolyeva – Music, words, piano, synthesizer, vocals
Brian Viglione – Drums, guitar
Damien Sisson – Bass
Alex Schwers – Drums
Eric Mouquet – Modular synth, additional arrangements
Christophe Duquesne – Haken Continuum
André Wahlhäuser – Guitar
Sebastian Wyrobisch – Drums, percussion
Alexander Brusencev – Percussion, bass
Nanisound – Synthesizer, guitar, electronic stuff

Produced by Nanisound, mastered by Michel Geiss – Nov 2020


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