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Viktoriya Yermolyeva

Viktoriya Yermolyeva was born in Kiev. When her parents were told that Vika– at kindergarten age – had perfect pitch and a talent for music, there was no going back: “My parents took it seriously, and the natural consequence seemed to be continued studies at a special music school. That included competitions, exams, and concert performances requiring utmost commitment and all the other expectations that go along with that”.


Career as a classical pianist

Vika graduated with honours from Kiev Lysenko Specialized Music High School, piano class of Prof. Iryna Lipatova and National P. Tchaikovsky Music Academy of the Ukraine, piano class of Prof. Igor Ryabov. She studied in the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Weimar (D), postgraduate course with Prof. Peter Waas and simultaneously studied in the International Piano Academy “Incontri col Maestro” in Imola (I) with Prof. Lazar Berman. Viktoriya Yermolyeva also studied in the Codarts Academy of Music and Modern Dance, at Rotterdam Conservatory, the Netherlands and graduated with honours from postgraduate course with Prof. Aquiles Delle-Vigne. She participated in many prestigous master classes and worked under Prof. Vladimir Krainev, Norma Fisher, Viktor Merzhanov, Diane Andersen, Karl-Heinz Kammerling.

Vika is an award-winning pianist with long-term experience of public appearances as Concert Performer solo and with Symphonic Orchestras, Accompanist and Artist of Chamber Ensemble and certificated piano teacher. She took part in Musical Festivals in Kiev (Ukraine), in Sorrento, Spoleto, Novara, Vietri sul Mare (Italy), in Amsterdam (Grachtenfestival), in Leipzig (EuroArts). As a soloist she has been appearing with Dninpropetrovsk Symphonic Orchestra with the conductor Blinov, Mykolaiv Symphonic Orchestra with the conductor Oleksandr Roman’ko, Chernigiv Symphonic Orchestra with the conductor Mykola Sukach, Kaunas Chamber Orchestra with the conductor Pavel Berman, Orchestra Sinfonica di Sanremo with the conductor M o Fabiano Monica, Jena Philharmonic Symphonic Orchestra with the conductor Kohei Sodeoka.

Vika has been given recitals in concert halls of Kiev (National Philharmonic society of Ukraine), Zwickau (D) (Schumann’s Museum Hall), in Weimar’s German National-Theater, Castle Theatre Ballenstedt (D), De Doelen Rotterdam and many others.


Viktoriya becomes Vkgoeswild

Vika reacted to these tensions by listening to “the other music,” rock music in particular, and her choices became heavier and more aggressive as she continued to broaden her palette. Rock became the “soundtrack,” as she says, to her “inner reality.” Eventually, she quit her search, and as an escape created a secret channel, “vkgoeswild,” to let it all hang out, dance, sing, and improvise without publicly revealing her identify. Very soon, Vika started making full piano arrangements, and then, with her first Metallica cover, her web presence began to go viral. Now, her YouTube Channel contains several hundred videos with rock and metal covers and counts more than 700.000 subscribers.


Vkgoeswild - Vika Yermolyeva - The metal pianist - Vika rockt Stuhleck
Vkgoeswild - Vika Yermolyeva - The metal pianist - Gigs

I’m ready to play for you

I now play piano mainly rock, hard rock, metal, dark metal but also pop standards. I play concerts alone on the piano or with a drummer. I can play for you for private concerts, weddings, parties, special events. Ask me what you want, I will come and play my metal/rock arrangements for you. I can also play classical music if that’s your thing.



"Piano covers, sheet music, MIDI files, original piano arrangements, just ask me." - Vika

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