Vkgoeswild – Video #1000 on Youtube

Thank you so much to all my followers on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Patreon. Very special thanks to Alain Gillièron – Wavelicker, Bart Borgonie, Christophe Duquesne / Haken Audio / La Voix du Luthier / Expressive E, Damien Sisson / Death Angel, Daphné Astier, Eric Mouquet / Deep Forest, Ginny Morris, Jeff Crim & Jaclyn Crim – Sanabria, Luc Gierten / Meme maker, Magali Bauchamps, Nani, Petra Eckhart, Rob Cavestany / Death Angel, Sandy Pennetier and Stephen Sorensen.

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Youtube celebration: Video #1000 – Vkgoeswild

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